Pay Types are the different dollar amount types that can be paid to employees. This is a two-step process between the Labor Management / Payroll Export Code Mapping and within the Payroll Integration with Payroll Relief. 

Step 1: Adding this to the Payroll Export:

In Inn-Flow, select Labor Management and the Payroll Processor option on the bottom left of the navigation.

Change the Select Export Format from Inn-Flow to IF OTHER 1. The IF OTHER 1 template takes the original Inn-Flow export and allows you to make the necessary changes. 

Find a pay type here this is NOT being used, like Auto Allowance, Meal Allowance, or Commission (as these are not as commonly used as Retroactive or Tips). 

Change the Description and Export Code to what needs to be added. For example, if CA Meal Break needs to be added, the description would be CA Meal Break and Export Code could be CA MB per below.

From there, go back to the Payroll Export Recipient tab and change the Payroll Export Format to the IF OTHER 1 option.

From there, on the regular Payroll tab, you'll see the new pay type called CA Meal Break that can be added moving forward.

Step 2: Adding this to the Payroll System:

Within the Payroll System, the Pay Type for CA Meal Break, Code: CA MB, needs to be added to match the payroll export file.

Moving forward, this will show on the Labor Management export to then be imported into the Payroll System.