In Labor Management 1.0, once a day was Approved a user could no longer make changes to shifts on that day. There was a feature that allowed a manager or an above-property user to Unapprove a day, which would “unlock” the day and allow changes to be made.  


Labor Management 2.0 handles this process differently. There is no Unapprove feature, but there are multiple permissions that allow different shift editing capabilities. If you previously had the role permission to Unapprove a day, you now have a permission that lets you edit a day even if the day is approved. That permission is called Manage Approved Actuals.  


If your role only has the Manage Unapproved Actuals permission enabled, you will still be able to edit an approved shift, but it will go through the Timesheet Dispute process. This requires someone approve the changes before they become live.


Below is more details into the related permissions:


  • Manage Unapproved Actuals – edit shifts that are unapproved.   
  • Manage Approved Actuals – edit shifts that are approved. This will put the day back into the Pending Approval state.
  • Manage & Re-Export Actuals – edit shifts that are approve, and the payroll was already exported. This will allow you to re-export to your payroll processor once the edits are completed. This option will only be available up to 10 days after a pay period ends.  After 10 days have passed, the only way to edit a shift will be to Create an Adjustment (see permission below).
  • Create Adjustment of Exported Actuals – edit shifts that are approved and were already exported.  This is used when a payroll cannot be re-exported because the payroll has already been processed. When a shift is edited using this feature, an adjustment is added to the next active pay period to account for the edited hours. An example when this might be used is when an employee realizes they were missing a shift, or their time was not correct, and payroll has already processed. You can add an adjustment to the current pay period to account for the correction. This adjustment will not affect Overtime.



To edit a shift follow these steps:


1. Go to Timesheets. 

Select the week that contains the day that needs to be edited. 


3. Search for the user that needs to be updated. 


4. Select the employee’s name.


In the Details by Day, you can change the In or Out time, Add Entry to add another shift, Add a break, or select the ellipsis on the right to add a Split Shift.