See below for more details into the enhancements released:


AP Settings: By-pass Invoice Approvals and Payment Confirmation for Paid Transactions 

Inn-Flow has added an AP Settings Page, within the Accounting Module > Settings. Now, organizations have the ability to configure settings that will allow them to bypass approval and payment confirmations for any M-ACH or Credit Card transactions that are marked as paid. This feature aims to streamline the AP process, reduce administrative overhead, and expedite transaction posting. For more details on how to configure and use these new settings, please refer to the Knowledge Base article: AP Settings: General Setting Configuration




The ability to Add and Manage a Flagged Transaction 

Active Bookkeeping Subscription clients will now have the ability to flag a transaction within the AP Inbox. This feature allows users to highlight entries that may require further information, ensuring potential issues are promptly addressed. Additionally, flagged transactions and associated comments are visible to relevant users, enhancing communication, collaboration, and accountability within the team. For more details, please refer to the Knowledge Base article: Bookkeeping Services: How to Add and Manage a Flagged Transaction




Understanding the NEW Communications Inbox 

We have introduced the Communications Inbox for Active Bookkeeping Subscribers. This is an essential feature for managing flagged items efficiently. This complements the ability to flag transactions within the AP Inbox, helping users track invoices and other critical items that require review or action. Flagged items can now be monitored, reviewed, and managed from this central location, ensuring accuracy and integrity of financial records while enhancing team communication. For more details, please refer to the Knowledge Base Article: Understanding the Communications Inbox




How to Apply Bookkeeping Flagging Permissions 

We have introduced new permissions specifically for Bookkeeping Services Subscribers. These permissions allow for enhanced control and management within the bookkeeping workflow. 

  • New Permissions Available: 

  • Can Flag/Complete: Allows users to flag transactions for review and mark them as completed. 

  • Can Review: Enables users to review and modify flagged transactions. 

For detailed instructions on how to apply these permissions, please refer to Bookkeeping Services: How to Apply Bookkeeping Flagging Permissions



Updated Bank Syncs Match and Find feature to look for Transaction in Accounts Payable Status

We have updated the Bank Sync matching logic to include transactions in various statuses within Inn-Flow. Any transactions within these statuses can now be matched within the "Review" tab or found using the "Find" tab in Bank Sync. 

Included Statuses: 

  • Transactions within the AP Inbox (draft transactions) 
  • Transactions awaiting approval 
  • Transactions awaiting payment 
  • Transactions in Register 

For more details on how to configure and use these new settings, please refer to the Bank Sync - Match and Find Transaction within Accounts Payable knowledge base article. 



Updated Default Date for Credit Card Payments 

The default date for credit card payments is now set to the current date instead of the statement date when printing checks. 

Enhancements to Accounts Payable Section 

We have made several enhancements to the Accounts Payable section to improve user experience. The previously named "Invoice Inbox" is now called "AP Inbox". Core functionalities remain unchanged, but navigation and interface improvements have been made.   

  • Name Change: "Invoice Inbox" is now "AP Inbox" to better reflect its functionality. 
  • Top Green Button: The button labeled "Invoice" is now "Add Draft Transaction." 
  • Reordering of Columns: Other columns reordered for better readability. 
  • Default View Change: Default view changed from gallery to table for easier navigation. 



Accounts Payable – Invoice Slide out 

The "Mark as Paid" toggle for MACH or Credit Card invoice types now automatically adds the account field and other necessary fields to the invoice details page, eliminating the need for a modal. Additionally, the payment date field has been renamed to "Transaction Date" to better reflect its purpose. 

Accounting Reports: New Operating Statement with Variance A3 Page Size

Inn-Flow has introduced a new version of the Operating Statement with Variance for both Owners and Operators. This version will export to PDF using an A3 page size, which is ideal for fitting more columns on the page. 


Accounting Reports: Cash Flow Reports - Option to add Legal, Hotel names or EHID 

Users now can select their preferred hotel identification format when generating the Cash flow reports for all versions, except "12 Accounting Periods" and "Trailing 12 Accounting Periods" 

This new feature can be accessed on the parameter page, which is available after selecting the desired report. Users will find it within the 'Hotel Display Section', conveniently located immediately following the 'Group Selection' section. Hotel Display Options include: 

  • EHID 
  • Hotel Entity Name 
  • Legal Name 

For selections of 'Hotel Entity Name' or 'Legal Name', the text may be wrapped to maintain clarity and readability within the standard report formats. 

For reports that utilize a legend (applicable to all multi-selection reports), the first column of the legend will reflect the selected hotel display format. 

This update extends to automatically emailed reports, ensuring consistency across all reporting mediums. 


Labor Management - Reports: Consolidated Hours and Wages Report  

We have added a new report titled "Consolidated Hours and Wages Report" in the Employee Wage Report section, available to all clients. This report provides a comprehensive overview of employee hours and wages, including Regular, OT, Holiday, and Leave types, across multiple hotels.  

  • The settings include a date range selector (by weeks for flexibility), multi-select options for Account (EHID) and Department, and a page break by EHID.  

  • The header will display the latest data update time and the next scheduled update time, enhancing financial tracking and reporting capabilities.

Allow Users to Schedule the Labor Summary, By Employee Schedule Report 

We made some minor enhancements so clients will now be able to schedule the report and run on a regular cadence. 

Administration - Users: SSN Field Moved to Labor Tab 

We've made updates to the handling and display of SSN fields within the Labor tab to enhance security, and user experience for Payroll integration clients. Updates include: 

  • SSN field moved to the Labor tab beneath the Date of Birth field. 
  • Existing SSNs for current Payroll clients have been relocated accordingly. 
  • SSN field is now required for Payroll clients or those with Labor Payroll integrations. 
  • Optional for Labor non-integration clients. 
  • SSNs are masked unless the user has sensitive data permissions.