See below for more details into the enhancements released:

1. Accounting: Reports - Performance Improvements

2. Positive Pay – Tompkins Bank

3. ePay – Processing Section Enhancements 

4. Invoice Extraction - Role Permission Added

5. Bank Sync – Ability to Add Notes for Reconciled Transactions 

6. Bank Sync – Ability to Export

1. Accounting: Reports - Performance Improvements - We made several improvements to our report drill-down functionalityWhen you click on a section of the report where you can drill down, it will now open in the Inn-Flow 2.0 application and allow you to quickly and easily view the detail. 

When you generate a report, it will now open as a new tab in your browser window, rather than as a new window. This will allow you to more easily navigate between the report and the Inn-Flow application. 

2. Positive Pay – Tompkins Bank - We have implemented a positive pay format for Tompkins Bank. Positive Pay is enabled and controlled within the Register of the bank account, and by selecting Edit Account on the top right in the triple dot menu / Edit Account.

3. ePay – Processing Section Enhancements - In the Processing section of the Payments page, any ePay invoices that have been submitted will now be shown in groups. You can expand the group (payment) and see all invoices associated with that payment along with the status of the payment. 

Hovering over the status will show you when that status was last updated. 

4. Invoice Extraction Role Permission Added - There is a new invoice extraction permission called “Edit Invoice Extraction Mapping.” If this permission is enabled for a role, it will allow them to update the invoice extraction mapping for new and existing vendorsIf this permission is not enabled, it will prevent them from: 

        - Using the Invoice Extraction functionality until the mapping has been set for the selected vendor.

        - Updating the mapping for a vendor where the mapping has already been set.

Note: Once a user with the permission enabled has set the initial mapping for a vendor, users without the permission will be able to utilize the invoice extraction functionality. This permission is being added to any user who currently has the “Add Invoice” permission by default. You will only need to remove the permission for any roles that should not be updating or setting up the mapping for each vendor. 


5. Bank Sync – Ability to Add Notes for Reconciled Transactions On the Bank Sync page, if you change the filter to show “Completed” (reconciled) transactions, you will notice a column called “Notes”. In this column if you hover over the row, you will see the option to “Add Note." Once you have added a note, a note icon will appear in that row which can be viewed when you hover over the iconClicking on a note icon will allow you to add/edit the noteOnce a note has been created, it cannot be blank or deleted. These notes are only visible on this page, and will not be displayed on the Inn-Flow transaction itself.

6. Bank Sync – Ability to Export - On the Bank Sync page, you can now export what you see on the page. To do this, click on the triple dot menu in the top right hand side of the screen, and select “Export”. This will download the data to a csv file.