1. Go to Administration on the bottom left of your navigation. 

2. Select Entities.

3. Click on the hotel. This will open a new slide-out to the right. Select the Rooms tab.

4. Click on Add Room Configuration. A calendar will open. Choose the date you are beginning Inn-Flow data.

IF Pro Tip: This date must be the beginning of the year if you are entering an Operational Budget for the year, in order for Room Revenue will calculate. 

5.  Once the date is chosen, click on Add Room Type.

6. The Add Room Type box will appear.  Enter the room type in the Name field. Enter the room count for that type in Count and Save.  This can be broken down by room type or you can add all rooms at once by entering ROOMS or ALL under Name and including all rooms under type.

7. Repeat step 6 until all Room Types have been added.

8.  Click Save on the bottom right when all Guest Room Details have been added.

If your hotel renovates, or changes the room count, enter a new room configuration as of the date of the change for the updated room count to take effect as of the date you select.