The Low Security Users setting is intended for users who need password reset assistance and maintain low levels of access to the application.

Set Up 


1. Click on Administration on the bottom left.


2.  Select Roles & Permissions.


 3.  Then click on Special Permissions. When you click on Special Permissions, it will ask for 2 Factor Authorization. Click Continue


4. The code will be texted to you. Enter the code into the boxes and click Verify.

5.  Once it is verified you will see the Manage Low Security User Roles at the bottom of the list.  Search for a user and then click on Add User. The user you are adding will be the one that is managing low security users.

6. Users added to this Permission will appear in the list below. You can also delete users who no longer need that permission here.

7.   Click on the Triple-Dot menu on the top right and choose Edit Low Security Users.

8. The Password Assistance Roles box will appear. Here you will add all the roles that have permission to manage low security users. The role(s) you add here, must have permission to cover all roles and entities such as Administrator. Then click Save.

9.  Then return to the Roles tab and choose the roles that you want to add low security users to. Enable this by toggling on the Low Security Role option. 

10.  Once the feature is enabled you will receive a warning message to confirm the setup of Low Security Users for the specific role.

11. It is recommended that you create a new role for Low Security Users rather than enable this on current roles.

Resetting Password for Low Security User

12. The administrator will reset the password by going to Administration > Users.

13. Then, search for the user that you want to reset the password for.

14. Click on the Triple-Dot on the right and select Reset Password.

15. When you click Reset Password, the Reset Password box will open. Here you will select the Password Assist User and the Method of Delivery.

16. Select the preferred method and click Send.

17.  You will receive a link to Reset the Password.

18.   When you follow the link it will take you to the Create New Password page.

19. Create a new password for the low security user and click Continue.

20.  The password has been reset and the process is complete. The Low Security User will be able to login with their new password.