The Special Permissions page is an added layer of security related to high risk pages, like paying invoices and creating checks. 

In order to initiate either a Digital ACH payment, or to create a check, in Settings / Roles & Permissions:

The tab called Special Permissions shows pages that require an additional layer of access.

To give users this access, select each page, like Pay Invoices, and type in the user's name that needs this permission.

Then select + Add User.

To remove a user, highlight their name and click on the trashcan shown.


For security purposes, if a user is removed, they cannot be added again for 1 hour.

A user must have a mobile phone number entered in their profile in order to be assigned a Special Permission.  You can add a phone number by going to Accounting / Administration / User Management / (select a users profile).  In a future release, activities that are controlled by Special Permissions, like Printing Checks, will require Two Factor Authentication.