See below for a Training Guide for new General Managers

1. Logging In

Logging into Inn-Flow and Page Navigation outlines how to log into the site and an initial overview of the page layout.

2. Forecasting

    Forecasting is where you project what your occupancy and arrivals will be week to week.

3. Scheduling

    Schedule is where the schedule by department and position needs to be added.

4. Performance

    Performance is an overview of actual punches and also where missed punches and edits take place.

5. Labor Overview

The Labor Overview is essentially your To Do list for the day and week. There are different alerts on this page that will show depending on the activity or what needs attention. Below are different alerts that can show.

    Labor Overview and Time Clock

    Daily Approvals

    Smile iD Failures

    Room Assignments

    Housekeeping Approvals

    Payroll Export

    Overtime At Risk

    Time Off Requests

6. Payroll

    Payroll export must occur for PTO to be calculated and for payroll to process. 

7. Reports

There are many different Reports available within Inn-Flow. This shows where to access the page and how to set favorites.