The Forecast page is where the projected occupancy and other statistics are estimated. This step is required before creating a schedule.


To get started, you can either enter the Rooms Occupied and Arrivals manually, Import actuals from the previous week, or import a forecast template. 


1. To enter manually, click on the Rooms Occupied row then updating the Arrivals row. Once each row is completed, the Departures and Stay Overs rows will calculate accordingly.


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2. You can easily Import the forecast by clicking the Import Forecast button on the right of the page.


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When you select Import, it will provide you the option to import the previous week or two weeks ago.


3. Lastly, you have the option to enter the Forecast manually as mentioned above, then Save that as a Forecast Template. Once the Forecast is entered manually, click the ellipsis on the top right of the page, and Save as Template.


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Give this template a name, and you can use this to import moving forward.


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Notes: The Forecast page does update to Actuals for prior days. If you see a lock sign beside the date, that means that date is in the past and now shows the Actuals pulled from Accounting / Daily Activity. 



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IF PRO TIP: You can create the Forecast directly from the Schedule page. Instead of completing this in Forecast then moving to the Schedule page, go to the Schedule page first and complete this all in a few steps!