There is an Enterprise-Wise Labor Settings whether to include Salaried Employees in Total Hours when reviewing the Schedule and Performance tabs. 

This should be turned on if one or more of the settings below apply:

1. Do your salaried associates clock in & out?

2. Do you Budget for salaried associates?

If this setting is active, and a salaried shift is over budget, an explanation will be required.

What if my General Manager is working a Front Desk shift or another actual shift?

A manager may be put on the schedule to cover a shift, like a Front Desk shift from 7:00am - 3:00pm. However, they may not actually punch in & out due to completing other work after the shift is over. In this case, you can add the General Manager to the schedule, but they aren't required to punch in & out.

In this scenario, this setting should not be activated.