The Payroll page is the final step of the payroll process. 


From the Labor Overview page, ensure that all days have been approved. 


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Depending on your view, you can either sort the employees alphabetically or by position worked, should you want to group each position together.


The Payroll page shows the pay period at the top, along with the total number of hours and overtime hours. 



Below, are the user details that show that the username, whether the user is Salaried or Hourly (S/H), the employee code, number of rooms cleaned, and hours worked. 



IF PRO TIP: The columns that show on this page can be customized from Settings / Payroll Processor. 


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Also, you can change the way you view the page for yourself. By clicking the icon on the top right of this section, you can remove or add columns. For example, the EmpCode may not be as important as viewing Tips or Bonuses. Customize this section to what works best for you!


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For any employee that works multiple positions, their name, positions and hours worked per position will show like below:



In order to add additional pay, click on the employee name.



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This page is also customized in the Settings / Payroll Processor page. 


Add any Differential, Bonus, Retroactive, etc. wages as needed. 


At the bottom of this page is where tips can also be added if they weren’t already added from the Tip Entry page.



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Be sure to Save Changes to return to the Payroll page.


On the top right of the page is where we can Export Payroll, or using the ellipsis, we can add a user or Export the current sheet to excel.


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Using the Add User allows you to enter $ into the screen below. If you need to add time, go into the Timesheets page and add the punches per day for the user.


You can Export the current sheet to excel should you want to keep this for reference, but this step is not required.


The final step is Export Payroll. Once Export Payroll is selected, payroll is finalized, and the file is emailed to the users setup to receive the file under the Settings / Payroll Processor page.


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Partial Pay Period Export

You can do a partial pay period export if you need to export a user during a pay period. You may need to do this if someone was terminated and you need to export their time for a final pay check to be cut. 

In the Payroll page, there are checkboxes next to each user's name. 

You are unable to select a user if they are currently clocked in. If they're currently clocked in, you can do to the Labor Overview / Full Time Clock and do a Force Punch Out. 

Check the box to the left of their name.

Then select the Export Payroll button on the top right of the Payroll page. Only the user(s) selected will appear on the payroll export document. 

If you need to export a salaried employee, first select their name and update the number of hours they should be paid in the slide out as shown below.

Once updated, complete the partial pay out as instructed previously.