For Troubleshooting Opera auto imports:


1. If only 1 day did not import, more than likely the audit ran too late. You can go into Opera / Miscellaneous / Report Scheduler and click the Run Now button on the right side of the screen for ALL reports that are setup to be emailed to Inn-Flow.


2. If the days are importing, but one was missed, you can download and import the files for the missing dates. Here’s how to complete this. You can check to see if the imports are not importing at all by running the Statistics & Revenue Summary Report to see if future dates data are appearing. This report will show you, where blanks exist, where the import failed.


3. If the import  is no longer being sent at all, you can either reach out to Opera Support and request them to restart this service, or you can delete the reports that are setup and re-set them up using these instructions.