Auto Import errors occur when a new code has been used in your PMS and the item must be mapped so that it imports automatically in the future. 

Charge Codes - new Daily Activity items that need to be assigned an appropriate Chart of Account

 Auto-Import errors for Charge codes will be displayed by Item Name.

Click on the line for the Auto-Import error. In the Type dropdown, select Revenue, Non Revenue or Payment.

In the Mapping Item dropdown, select the item that matches, or "Add New" if the code does not exist. "Add New" will display the Daily Activity Item Details, similar to the PMS Mapping page. Fill out the required fields using the information from the Report, and Save.

If you are unsure of the COA to select, please visit the PMS Mapping page to review the selection made for other similar codes, or contact your Accounting Department. 

If you are not familiar with PMS mapping, click here to learn more: PMS Mapping

Rate Codes 

Rate Codes are a subcategory of Room Revenue. Opera Rate Codes are found on the Market Code Statistics report (stat_dmy_seg)

An Auto Import error for a Rate code will typically be displayed as a Letter that represents the Market Code, or, the actual rate code. Ex: AAA 

Click on the line for the Auto-Import error. In the Type dropdown, select Segmentation.

In the Mapping Item, select the appropriate code if it matches

If the New Rate codes need to be created in Rate Code Mapping, open a second tab for the Rate Code Mapping page. Create the Rate Code as needed, and then return to the Auto-Import errors to make your mapping selection.

If you are not familiar with Rate Code Mapping, click here to learn more: Rate Code Mapping