October Release Highlights


Here are some of the big enhancements just added to Inn-Flow!



1 Month Cash Flow Report

When running the Cash Flow Report, there is a new option for a 1 Month Version.

Labor Budgets are now Labor Models


Throughout the Inn-Flow application, you'll now see Labor Budgets referred to as Labor Models.


Special Permissions


Inn-Flow has added an additional level of security by introducing Special Permissions. Special Permissions can be found in the Roles and Permissions section of the Settings menu. On this page, authorized users will need to be added by User Name in order to be able to Pay Invoices, Print Checks, and Reprint Old Checks.




 For more information on Special Permissions, please view the User Guide



ACA Status Report


Inn-Flow has updated the ACA Status Report to include the hire date for each user, as well as additional coverage codes. 




Performance Page - Approval Change Log


On the performance page, there is now an Approval Change Log. Here you will find information related to changes and approvals made in Performance and the Labor Overview / Days to Approve section.


User Schedule - Mobile View


Users are able to view their schedule on their mobile device, and Inn-Flow has optimized the look and functionality of this screen for mobile view.