May Release Highlights


Here are some of the big enhancements just added to Inn-Flow!



Daily Activity Entry Page - Labor Management


For those users who are subscribed to our Labor Management module, entering Daily Activity is now just one click away. Within the Labor Management application, click on Daily Activity Entry to be taken directly to this page. 




Performance Page - Exciting Updates!


The Labor Management Performance Page has been updated to include Department and Employee Views. To learn more about this, please visit the FAQ Article Where's my old Approval screen? for a detailed explanation about the features of the Performance Page. 


Payroll Page - Sort by Position


The Labor Management Payroll Page now offers the ability to sort by Position. Be sure to save your Default View all throughout Inn-Flow to what works best for you. 

Housekeeping Page - Unapprove


Within the Housekeeping page, users with the appropriate Role Permissions can now Unapprove a day that has been previously approved in order to make updates or changes. Clicking on the Unapprove option from the menu moves the day back to the Unapproved status and the day will appear on the Overview page again.