July Release Highlights


Here are some of the big enhancements just added to Inn-Flow!



Labor Overview – Alert Boxes


On the Labor Overview page, the Alert Boxes have a fresh, new look! Also, a new box has been added titled “Today”, which will permanently show on your Overview Page. The “Today” box will take you to the Time Clock Page.



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 Time Clock Page 


Inn-Flow has added a page where managers are able to view and update the current day’s times. On the Time Clock Page, you can view who is scheduled for today, and their Shift Status. Managers will also be able to manually punch employees in or out, as well as adding a full shift quickly by using the new “Quick Add Shift” Button. 





PTO Policy – Per Property 


When creating a new time-off policy, users now have the ability to select which properties that this policy will apply to or select “Apply to all EHIDs”.


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Schedule Template


When completing the schedule for a property, you will now be able to save the schedule as a Template, so that you can easily import this Schedule Template for future pay periods. 



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PTO Payout


Inn-Flow has added an option for when an employee receives a PTO Payout. In the Payroll page, users will be able to click on the menu for an employee, select PTO Payout, and then enter the details.


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Profile Navigation – Punch In and Out


Users can now click on their profile in the bottom left-hand corner of their screen in order to Punch In or Out for their shifts.


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Housekeeping Assignments Report


When running the Housekeeping Assignments report, users can now select “Prior Day of Run Date” as an option when setting this up for auto email.