See below for important updates related to recent enhancements made in Accounting:

Previous Transactions

Inn-Flow has added additional columns when viewing Previous Transactions. Previous Transactions can be viewed throughout the application, when entering new transactions or viewing existing ones.

The columns that appear are:

Date: Shows the Invoice Date for Accounts Payable entries, Withdrawal or Deposit Date or Date of the Journal Entry.

EHID: The Hotel ID associated with the prior entry.

Notes: Any information entered into the Notes field.

PaperclipClick on the paperclip icon to view the attachment(s).

Total: The Transaction Total of the prior invoice/entry.

CL: What month the entry was Cleared during the Bank Reconciliation process.

AP: The Accounting Period of the entry in MM-YY format.

Transaction Total


Inn-Flow has added a new field when entering a transaction. A Transaction Total amount is required when entering invoices, deposits or withdrawals to ensure the correct amount is allocated to the chart of account section.

Daily Activity Entry - Approve & Next


Within Daily Activity Entry, Manager Approval is now "Approve & Next". Clicking this button will automatically approve the day and move you to the next date.