The Enterprise-Wide Labor Settings are set for all properties. Making changes to this page will update all entities' settings. 

This page is divided into two tabs: General and Shift.




Salaried employees will always be paid their 80 hours, unless Unpaid Time Off hours are added. 


If you plan on having Salaried Employees clock in and out, you’ll want to have the below setting turned on if you want their hours included in comparison to budget


If you have any employees that are setup as Exclude from Payroll in User Management that you want included in the Total Hours throughout the system, you will want to make sure the below setting is turned on. Have this turned on means that Exclude from Payroll employees' hours will be included in departmental totals in the Performance page.

The Labor Management system allows Performance Review tracking for employees within their User Management profiles. You can turn this setting On or Off using this setting.

The % Variance Highlighting Threshold is at what percentage variance over budget do you want to be highlighted or made more apparent.



Holiday Shift Attribution allows you to select which Overnight Position is awarded Holiday Hours. 

How are holiday hours applied to overnight shifts? outlines this in further detail.

The Payroll Administrators are those users that are notified when payroll is imported.



Shift Settings



Do you want to allow users to clock in before their scheduled shift start time? If this is set to off, then users cannot punch in until the exact start time. If this is set to on, then you can customize how many minutes they can clock in before the scheduled in time.


You will want the Auto punch-out turned on. If this is turned off, and a user forgets to clock out, they will continue to show as punched in until they physically punch out on the time clock. 


A best practice is set to 3 hours. This means they have 3 hours after their scheduled-out time to clock out


For example, Bob is scheduled from 7:00am – 3:00pm. Bob forgets to punch out. If the below setting is set to 3 hours, then at 6:00pm, he will automatically be punched out at 3:00pm (when he was scheduled to leave).


Bob will not be paid an additional 3 hours, and this is shown as an APO in the Performance page. Managers must correct APOs (auto punch outs) before submitting payroll.

Optimized MPOR Shifts


When creating the initial schedule for Housekeepers, the schedule typically is a set one, for example 8:30am - 4:30pm. However, as occupancy changes, that full shift may not be needed. Turning on the Optimize MPOR Shift updates the Housekeeping Shift in the morning when the Room Assignments is completed.

For example, after the Housekeeping Boards are done on property, log into Inn-Flow and in Labor Overview, select Room Assignments. Enter how many rooms each housekeeper is scheduled to clean. If they have 6 check outs and 7 stay overs, instead of the full 8-hour shift, they may only need to be there until 1:30pm. 

Having this setting turned on will automatically update the Scheduled Shift Out Time and notify the housekeeper of the schedule change.


There is also a setting for Automatic break reduction.


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Note that Automatic Break Reduction will only be applied to the scheduled hours. If a user does not punch out for their break, the shift will not automatically be deducted from the actual time. 


If someone is scheduled from 7:00am – 3:00pm, it will show 7 ½ hours, and not the full 8 hours on the schedule.

To activate the feature that edits actual times, turn on the Auto True Up option. From there, navigate to the Departments & Positions page, in the Positions tab, and activate this per position. See this article for more information on the Actual Break Reduction option.