See below for more details into the enhancements released:

1. Accounting: Hotel Display Format within Reports

2. Un-Exporting Payroll: Popout Message

Users now can select their preferred hotel identification format when generating the following reports: 

  • Balance Sheet  
  • Operating Statement for Owners and Operators / Version – Multiple Hotels 
  • Accounts Payables / Receivables / Versions - All 

This new feature can be accessed on the parameter page, which is available after selecting the desired report. Users will find it within the 'Hotel Display Format' drop-down, conveniently located immediately following the 'Group Selection' section. Hotel Display Options include: 

  • EHID 
  • Hotel Entity Name 
  • Legal Name 


Notes: For selections of 'Hotel Entity Name' or 'Legal Name', the text may be wrapped to maintain                 clarity and readability within the standard report formats. 

            For reports that utilize a legend (applicable to all multi-selection reports), the first column of                 the legend will reflect the selected hotel display format. 

            This update extends to automatically emailed reports, ensuring consistency across all                         reporting mediums. 

Un-Exporting Payroll: Popout Message – The feature will display a warning message for users who try to make changes to a payroll that has already been exported, including changes made from the Timesheets page, Performance page, or the Unapprove page.