*PMS Integration must be activated by Inn-Flow first. Please contact Support to activate your property for the correct PMS Integration option.* This version is the Choice2 import that supports the import file to be received via email.


Choice Download and Import Instructions for Daily Activity


To complete the Choice Daily Activity Auto Import, there are 3 main steps to be completed. 


Part 1 is downloading the file. 


Part 2 is emailing the file to Inn-Flow.

Part 3 is logging into Inn-Flow to approve the day.


Part 1:


Within Choice, please run the Back Office Report on a nightly basis using the step by step instructions below.



Within the Choice PMS, under Run then select Reports


Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated




Under the section for Accounting Reports, select the Back Office Report


Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated


Select Submit to download the file. It would automatically download in the necessary format.




Part 2:


Via email, email the Back Office Report to your hotel's specific Daily Activity Email address. This can be found within Inn-Flow / Administration / Entities / Select the hotel / Import Email Address Tab. The email address should have 5 digits_CHOICE2-PMS@inn-flow.net

Email the Back Office Report to this email address. 

Part 3:


Log into Inn-Flow / Accounting module / Daily Activity Entry:


To ensure the daily activity imported successfully, there should be values in the middle of the page. The Upload Docs buttons should also be green as the file will appears in the Upload Docs section. 

Correct any Auto Import Errors or reach out to Inn-Flow Support for assistance.

Complete the Night Audit Checklist and Approve & Next.