*PMS Integration must be activated by Inn-Flow first. Please contact Support to activate your property for the correct PMS Integration option.*

In FOSSE, from the main screen, follow the below steps:


  1. Audit
  2. Report Spooler Log
  3. E – Email Pack
  4. Enter Marriott Login ID & Password
  5. F5 – Select
  6. L – List Email Pack
  7. Select the following reports for import:


Code                   Report Name                                  

NADLYSUM         Daily Closing Summary Report

NADLYCLS          Daily Closing Report

NACACTIV          Credit Card Activity Report

NAARDETAIL       A/R Account Details

NAMKTNGS        Daily Segmentation Report

NAREVRPT          Revenue Report


  1. Select F10 to End/Update
  2. M – Maintain Address
  3. Enter the email address provided below:


Each hotel's Inn-Flow Daily Activity Import Email address can be found in Inn-Flow, under Administration / Entities. Select the hotel then the Import Email Address tab.