*PMS Integration must be activated by Inn-Flow first. Please contact Support to activate your property for the correct PMS Integration option.*

To setup the night audit reports to be emailed to Inn-Flow nightly:

1. In Jonas Chorum, go to GM Functions

  1. Security and Permissions – Distribution GroupsGraphical user interface

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  2. Create a New User Group, call it Inn-Flow (or something similar)


2. Find the property's Inn-Flow daily activity email address. To do this, in Inn-Flow, click the gear icon on the bottom right of the page. In Entity Management, select the property then the Email Address tab:

The email address should be in a similar format to 12345-PMS@Inn-Flow.net.

2. Add the Inn-Flow email address for daily activity into the User Group and SAVE


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3. Go to Message Manager

a. Click New at the top and add in the following reports into the Document/Report column:

  1. Managers Report
  2. Rate & Market Statistics NA
  3. Daily Activity Report

**if any of these reports are NOT under the Document/Report column, you can contact Jonas Chorum support to get them added**

b. Set the criteria to the following:

  1. System Event = Close Day
  2. Repeat Pattern = Daily
  3. Actions = Send Email
  4. Document Type = Reports
  5. File Format = Excel
  6. Send to Group = Inn-Flow (the new User Group created in step 1)

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c. Save