Inn-Flow has the ability to import and consolidate your STR data! 

To Activate this feature:

In Inn-Flow, visit the Administration page (gear icon at the bottom of your left Navigation bar), and go to Entities. Select the hotel that you would like to see STR Data for. 

In the Hotel slideout, on the General tab shown above, enter the Chain ID. Your Chain ID is shown on your STR Reports within each tab as shown below:

Is there a contact at your company that receives all of the STR Reports for your properties? If so, setting up an e-mail rule in their e-mail portal is the best option to automatically forward these files to your Inn-Flow e-mail address for the STR Library: 

See below for instructions on setting up rules within email platforms:


  1. Outlook
  2. Gmail
  3. Yahoo
  4. Mail on Mac


Once the setup is complete, and STR reports are being sent to the proper e-mail address for importing, you'll find your STR Reports in Accounting > Library > STR.

There is also a separate report under Accounting > Reports > STR Reporting. You can run the STR Report for one or multiple hotels by Day, Week or Month. 

To run the Daily Flash and Include Comp Set information, select the box shown below when producing the Daily Flash report.

IF Pro Tips: 

  • The STR CHAIN ID and the STR Code are not the same. Please review atop the “Glance” tab of the STR report to reference the CHAIN ID. 
  • Do not set the reports to be emailed directly from STR/Franchise or the import will not work. The file needs to be manually or auto forwarded from a manager’s or owner’s email account. 
  • Do not add a CHAIN ID to the Enterprise Account – only add to hotel accounts or the import will not work for the entire organization.
  • If forwarding a set of reports to, all properties must exist in Inn-Flow or none of the applicable reports will import.