See below for more details into the enhancements released:

1. Stayntouch PMS Integration

2. Bank Sync match expansion to +/- 7 days

3. Visual Matrix manual upload option

3. Labor Dashboards for Performance

4. User Management Rehire Eligibility Field

Stayntouch PMS Integration 

  • We're excited to announce our latest integration with Stayntouch PMS, enhancing connectivity and streamlining operations for our users. 

Bank Sync

  • Increase Bank Reconciliation Matching Logic 

  • Expanded our bank sync matching logic to search for transactions from +/-3 to +/-7 days which would improve the accuracy and scope of matched transactions. 

  • Plaid Sync - Increase Frequency of Sync 

  • Increased the frequency of Plaid API Calls which ensures users more up to date transaction information. 

Existing PMS Integration

  • Visual Matrix (Manual Upload)  

  • Users can now manually upload files, offering greater flexibility. 


  • Performance Page Link 

  • A Performance Page link has now been added to the Dashboard navigation, allowing you to view performance metrics without leaving the Dashboard environment.  

User Management – General Tab 

  • We've added 'Rehire Eligibility' dropdown field under 'Termination Date' with options for 'Eligible for Rehire,' 'Questionable for Rehire,' and 'Ineligible for Rehire.' This field is optional and will appear upon inactivating a user. The field will automatically clear and disappear when a user becomes active again.