To give access to employees paystubs, you first need access to Accountants World. Reach out to your Inn-Flow Payroll Agent for access to this. 

1. From there, log into Accountants World employee portal via the link here

2. Select Payroll Relief on the top left of the page:

3. Select the company's Legal Name on the very bottom of the screen:

4. Select the Employees icon on the right of the page:

5. Select the employee name in the dropdown box at the top and select the employee.

6. On the Contact tab, at the bottom of the screen, click the box next to the Employee Portal - Allow Access and click Save.

If the box is already selected and the employee still needs access, click the Reset Password link at the bottom. Selecting this will send an email with a new link to update this password. The link expires in 24 hours.