See below for best practices related to payroll processing:

1. Printing a sample payroll check

2. Establishing a starting payroll check # different from Accounting

3. Having necessary IDs and logins prior to processing

4. If transitioning mid-year, have all prior payrolls reports

1. It is highly recommended to print a Sample Payroll check prior to your first payroll. Check that the Routing and Account numbers are correctly formatting at the bottom of the check. 

Attached to this article is a sample check that can be printed. 

2. Provide your Payroll Agent a starting check number that is different than your starting check number in Accounting. We recommend a clear distinction, as in if Accounting is set to 1000, then Payroll should be set to 200.

3. Required information needed prior to processing the first payroll:

1. State Tax IDs (Examples: SUTA ID)

2. Tax Rates (Examples: SUTA, Local tax rates as applicable)

3. Tax Logins to payroll tax processing websites

4. If transitioning mid-year, prior payroll reports must be supplied 5 business dates before the first pay date. Not having these can result in a delay in initial pay date, direct deposit, or inaccurate tax calculations.