Below are helpful tips related to your Time Clock that may resolve common issues you may be experiencing:

1. Ensure that the Home Button of the iPad is located on the left side within the case. 

2. Ensure where the time clock is located has good lighting. Small, dark rooms do not allow for quality pictures and facial recognition.

3. Employees should try to be in the middle of the screen when punching in or out. 

4. When punching in or out, make sure to only have one person in the camera screen. 

5. iPads connected to the internet via a wireless connection may encounter drops in service. A direct, wired internet connection provides the most stable environment for your iPad to connect to the Inn-Flow database.

If the above tips still result in a low percentage match for specific employees, they may need to retake their profile picture. To have this completed, please reach out to Inn-Flow Support.

Should you encounter any other issues not mentioned above, please reach out to Inn-Flow Chat Support, or email us at