Inn-Flow’s Accounting module provides a consolidated platform to complete full cycle Accounts Payable, Daily Activity, Payroll Imports, Bank Reconciliations, Journal Entries, Reporting along with many more features! 


During your organization’s implementation & training, you’re introduced to the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks required to produce successful financial statements each month. 


You learned a lot of information during onboarding and may be wondering… 

“What’s MOST important to focus on in Accounting?”


To successfully produce complete Financial Statements, below are 4 basic accounting components of focus: 


1. Daily Activity (Income Journal)

2. Accounts Payable

3. Payroll Import

4. Bank Reconciliation


Daily Activity


Daily Activity Entry (Income Journal) – is a crucial administrative segment of any hotel’s operations to accurately record each day’s Statistics, Revenue, Non-Revenue (taxes), Payments, Segmentation, and Ledger Activity. Daily Activity is what represents the revenue on the Operating Statement and payment/taxes on the Balance Sheet. 


Despite the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS), this information can be extracted and documented within Inn-Flow to provide owners/investors/banking institutions with complete financial statements. 


Inn-Flow has meticulously designed integrations with multiple PMSs to save the property time when transferring the previous day’s data into Daily Activity Entry. Someone in your organization should be designated to complete this task DAILY


To explore the list of current integrations, check out Inn-Flow's PMS Integrations


Accounts Payable


Accounts Payable – is the process of entering, approving, and paying the company’s expenses. If this process is not regularly completed, the company may be at risk of losing labor, utilities, and supplies required to service guests or other customers. Invoices are what represent the expenses on the Operating Statement. In some cases, expenses will affect the Balance Sheet; however, most invoices are what produce the largest portion of the Operating Statement (profit & loss statement = P&L). Someone in your organization should be designated to complete this task DAILY to WEEKLY.


To explore trainings relating to Accounts Payable, check out Inn-Flow's Invoice Inbox

Payroll Import


Payroll Import – Payroll represents your company’s largest uncontrollable expense and should be recorded soon after payroll reports are available for each company. After import, these expenses can be found within each affected department or isolated on the “Payroll-Related Expenses” page of the Operating Statement. 


The payroll reports required to compose an import template should contain 1.) gross wages by position, 2.) employer taxes (ER), 3.) employee taxes (EE) – if being paid by the company, 4.) garnishments – if not being paid by the payroll processor, any other company-related expenses (insurance, 401k match, payroll fees), and the amount(s) drafted from the bank account for that batch. Someone in your organization should be designated to complete this task according to your pay cycle – WEEKLY, BI-WEEKLY, SEMI-MONTHLY. 


To learn more about importing payroll, check out Inn-Flow's Payroll Import



Bank Reconciliation


Bank Reconciliation – is the settlement of each company’s total credits and debits within a single month per bank account. It is imperative that bank reconciliations occur at minimum, monthly. This includes Credit Card reconciliations. Failure to update bank reconciliations may result in the oversight of unrecorded withdrawals/deposits reflected in your bank account requiring entry. 


Bank Reconciliations cannot be completed if Daily Activity Entry, Accounts Payable, and Payroll Imports are not consistently recorded. Someone in your organization should be designated to complete this task WEEKLY to MONTHLY.



To learn more about reconciling bank accounts, check out Inn-Flow's Bank Reconciliation




  • Clients subscribed to * Inn-Flow's Bookkeeping Services may not need to complete Daily Activity Entry, Payroll Imports, or Bank Reconciliations based upon subscription tier. 





*Various tiers available