See below for more details into the exciting enhancements released!

1. Labor Management: 'My Time Off' page updates

2. Accounting: Search - by multiple COAs. 

3. Accounting: Positive Pay for Firstbank

Labor Management: 'My Time Off'

The 'My Time Off' page has been updated to display more useful information, such as Requests Pending Approval, and Future Time Off. On this page, you can also reach your Time Off report and Request Time Off. 

For more information on the newest features, view the User guide here.

Accounting: Search - by multiple COA's

In Accounting > Search, you now have the ability to search by multiple COA's at once, by selecting them from the dropdown. This also includes a search tool to aid in choosing the multiple COA's that you would like to include in your search. 

Accounting: Positive Pay type added for Firstbank

Inn-Flow has added an additional Positive Pay format for Firstbank. 

To add Positive Pay capabilities to a Bank Account within Inn-Flow, visit the Accounts page, select the Bank Account you wish to add Positive Pay to and Edit Account. Select the Check tab of the Bank Account Settings, and select the Positive Pay Format for your Bank from the dropdown menu.