For hotels that use FOSSE or Choice PMS, Auto Import errors that are 4 to 6 digits are Rate CodesRate Codes are related to room revenue to be able to track who is staying at your hotel(s), whether it be by the group name, company, or market segment.


You can create the rate codes by following the steps below: 

Please note that if the error code is only 2 characters (like RP or MR), it should be sent to Support via Chat or to create.


1. Navigate to the Rate Code Mapping section in Inn-Flow right below Daily Activity Entry (this is where you'll create new Rate Codes):

2. Identify the 4 or 6-Character Auto Import Errors.

3. Click on Add New Rate (top right).

4. The Rate Code Details box will appear.

5. Define the Rate Code: fill out the 3 required boxes (indicated by the red line).

  • Enter the 4 or 6-character error code as the Rate Code. This code should match the auto import error.
  • Type the Rate Name (this can be the same as the Rate Code).
  • For Segmentation choose the ROOM REV: RETAIL unless you know which market segment this code belongs to, as this can be updated later if needed.

  • Click on Save.

6. Reload Auto Import Error page (in Daily Activity) that initially displayed the error.

7. Refresh or reload the page then click Auto Import Errors to see the new codes that need to be mapped.

8. Click on the Rate Code.

9. The Import Data Mapping box will appear:

10. On the Import Data Mapping box, locate TYPE dropdown menu. Choose Segmentation:

11. Then click on Mapping Item. Map the new Rate Code to the appropriate segmentation. This connects the Rate Code with the error and resolves the auto import issue. Click Save.

12. Verify that the error has been resolved, and the new Rate Code is functioning as expected.

13. Continue with your Daily Activity as usual.

14. Monitor your Rate Codes regularly, as new ones may need to be created frequently due to different groups, companies, and events.