If your property is just started using Inn-Flow, there are certain steps that need to be followed in order to add PTO. 

1. The PTO Policies need to be created. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. 

2. PTO Policies need to be added to each user's profile, with Opening Balances, if applicable. Follow the below instructions on how to add PTO to employees.

3. Adding the employee's Average Hours Worked.

Add PTO Types to Users 

From the Administration tab on the bottom left, select Users.

Open a user profile and navigate to the Labor tab. 

Scroll down to the Paid Time off toggle, and turn this ON.

Select Add PTO Type.

Then add the PTO Type from the PTO Name drop down menu.

Update the PTO Start Date. Typically this will be the Start Date of the first pay period, or the user's Hire Date. Then click Save.

Once saved, you will need to enter an Adjustment if an Opening Balance needs to be added. Click on the PTO Type to open.

You will see an option for Add PTO Adjustment.

Add the Adjustment As Of Date, how many Hours : Minutes need to be added and an Explanation/Note. This is entered in HH:MM format, so if your PTO Balance is in decimal format, it will need to be converted to HH:MM.

Then select Add Adjustment. 

This PTO will not be available to be used as of the date in the Adjustment. 

If additional PTO Types need to be added to a user, follow the same steps above.

Average Hours Worked

If you just started using, you will need to add an Average Hours Worked to ensure the employees' are earning PTO based on prior hours worked. 

From the same Labor tab in a user's profile, enter the Average Hours Worked. 

Inn-Flow uses the Average Hours Worked field in the calculation to determine if an employee meets the criteria to accrue PTO per that PTO Type's setting.