Two examples for needing to payout PTO are:

  1. The associate is about to lose unused PTO
  2. The associate has been terminated and you need to payout the PTO balance

To complete this, go to the Payroll tab.

  1. Find the employee either by scrolling or by using the Search field. 
  2. Click on the ellipsis on the right, then a drop down menu will show the PTO Payout option.
  3. Enter an explanation, select the PTO Type and enter the amount of hours to payout.  
  4. Then select Add PTO. You will be prompted to Confirm the entry, as PTO Payouts are not included in future PTO Threshold calculations. 
  5. Once Confirmed, the PTO Payout has been added. To review, click on the user's row in the Payroll tab. 
  6. If you need to edit the PTO Payout, on the User detail, click the ellipsis again. You can make changes or use the trashcan to delete it.

IF PRO TIP: If you need to do a PTO Payout then export payroll, there is a checkbox to the left of the username you can select, then select Export Payroll.