See below for more details into the exciting enhancements released!

1. Accounting: Transfers page updates

2. Accounting: Move Paid Transactions

3. Accounting: Grouping invoices for Manual ACH into a single payment

4. Accounting: Invoice Approval page to include a Total

5. Labor Management: Minutes Per Cleaned Room Optimization for Scheduling

Accounting: Transfers page redesign and Manual ACH update.

The Transfers page got an update! The page now is smaller and more user-friendly. The workflow now is to follow the below steps:

1. Select a Transfer Date and Accounting Period

2. Enter any notes pertaining to the transfer

3. Keep the Transfer TO Hotel ID if transferring funds within the same hotel, or change if needed.

4. Enter an Amount and change the Payment Type if needed. The amount will automatically be updated on the top right of the page. 

5. Save the transfer.

6. Transfers posted as Manual ACHs will automatically be posted to the Register. Only Transfers via Check will go to the Payments page.

Accounting: Move Paid Transactions

For Credit Card and Manual-ACH Transactions, you now have the option to move this item to a different HID, or Bank Account by using the "Move" button within the triple-dot menu of the transaction slide out. 

Accounting: Group Manual ACH Payments

You can now post multiple invoices to 1 payments for Manual ACH Payments. For example, if you paid Guest Supply 5 invoices with a single payment, you would want to post 1 payment for easy bank reconciliation. 

If I select all invoices, then click Pay, you'll see that the 5 invoices total $508.63. To post the payment, click Submit.

If you do not wish to group these, use the triple dot menu to select Ungroup and post them separately.

The payment will show as a single payment in the Register page.

Accounting: Invoice Approval

When approving invoices from the Invoice Approval page, a total now shows at the bottom of the page showing the total dollar amount being approved.

Labor Management: MPCR Optimization (Minutes Per Cleaned Room)

Did you know that there's an Optimize MPCR setting that can automatically update a housekeeper's End Time when the Room Assignments is completed in the morning? If a housekeeper is originally scheduled from 8:30am - 4:30pm, but according to the rooms they need to clean today, their new out should be 1:35pm. Turning this setting On under the Labor Management / Enterprise Wide Settings will automatically update the end and notify the employee of the change.

Previously, when this setting was turned on and schedules were Copied from week to week, the updated shift out time would also copy over. This has been corrected so that when copying schedules, the original Out Time will copy over.