Inn-Flow has added additional Positive Pay formats. The formats that have been recently added include: 

  • United Bank
  • Metro City Bank
  • Seacoast Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Hillcrest Bank

To add Positive Pay capabilities to a Bank Account within Inn-Flow, visit the Accounts page, select the Bank Account you wish to add Positive Pay to and Edit Account. Select the Check tab of the Bank Account Settings, and select the Positive Pay Format for your Bank from the dropdown menu. 

Once this has been selected, you can run the Positive Pay File from the Reports tab.

After selecting Positive Pay File, select the date range and the bank name. From there, it will populate the available accounts setup for that bank. Once this runs, Export and Save the file to your computer. Log into the bank website and upload the file accordingly.

If your bank is not listed and you need a Positive Pay file, please reach out to to submit your request.