To process payroll, follow the below best practices:

1. Ensure that you're reviewing Days To Approve from the Labor Overview page frequently. This section will show if there were any Auto Punch Outs, as well as any Over or Under Budget Departments. All days must be approved before processing payroll. 

IF PRO TIP: You can drill down into each department and position by clicking on each row for further details.

2. Review the Performance tab to look for any No Shows, employees who were scheduled but didn't have any punches for that schedule. If you see a No Show, and you know that employee worked that day, you can follow-up and enter the In & Out times accordingly. 

IF PRO TIP: Changing the filter of this page to review by Position or by a single Department makes it easier to find possible incorrect punches or recognize trends that could be causing unnecessary overtime.

3. The Timesheets tab is where you can view employee specific times, add a break, change the position worked or add a Split Shift. If you need to add a shift, do this as well from this tab. 

IF PRO TIP: While reviewing days, you can open additional tabs within your browser. For example, if you're in the Payroll tab but want to do one final review of hours by position, put your mouse on any of the menu items on the left side of the screen, right click with your mouse and select Open Link in New Tab to review multiple pages at once. 

4. Another best practice is to use the Reports section to setup your favorite versions of reports for quick and easy processing! The Labor Summary Report is beneficial for review throughout a pay cycle, and the Punch History Report shows all punches for employees in one single report. 

5. The final step is from the Payroll tab, review the Total Hours, Total Overtime, and Hours worked by Employee (if someone worked in multiple positions, their name will show per position worked).

Change the columns shown in this screen by using the filter box on the right. Only eight columns can show, so you may need to unselect columns, like S/H or EmpCode, to view more important columns.

To add additional pay or tips to employees, click on their name for a pop-up window to appear for this. 

Once complete, select the Export Payroll button on the top right. This will mark payroll as finalized and the file will be sent to those setup within Payroll Settings.