As a management company with multiple LLCs, should we complete the Payment Services Agreement fothe management company as a whole or for each individual hotel entity?  

Complete the PSA for the management company.  You will also need to complete the PSA ACH Authorization Supplement (form 3) and the ACH Authorization (2+ Accounts) Spreadsheet (Form 4).


We do not have a management company; do we fill out the Payment Services Agreement (PSA) for every property? 

You should select one of the LLCs to complete Form 1 (PSA). 


What all do I complete on Payment Services Agreement?

Please fill out Page 1, 4, 5, 6 (Sections A and B, and sign at the bottom), and 11.  


Do I have to use my legal name on the forms? 

Yes, please use your legal name on the forms.  The bank underwriting team requires the name you use and sign with match the name on your government issued ID.


How long does the underwriting process take after we submit the forms?

The process can take up to 3 weeks as the bank does their due diligence and verifies all information.

When the process becomes digital REPAY will send weekly updates directly to the client.


How are changes or new additions to bank accounts handled after the information has already been processed by REPAY? 

Clients are required to complete the ACH authorization form with the new accounts added and submit it to Inn-Flow. We will process the form and subsequently transmit it to REPAY.  This will be the same process when adding new hotels to Inn-Flow as well.

General ePay Questions

What if a vendor doesn’t want ePay? 

They will receive their payment with a check. 

Can I still use other payment methods? 


Can I still pay selected vendors with a paper check we generate here, sign and mail? 


How can we change payment type after vendor is enrolled in ePay?

Change the default payment method from ePay to your preferred method


Who’s responsibility is it to ensure that the vendor's bank information is up-to-date?  

The client is. Be sure the vendor address, email & phone number are correct, as well as the hotel customer/account number is accurate, as this information is critical when the payment processing will start.



What is the cost or charge to the vendor? 

No charges from REPAY or Inn-Flow 


Do you ensure that vendors will not charge the properties’ fees for accepting a virtual card?  If so, how do you accomplish it?

Yes, properties are not charged for virtual card payments. If the vendor has a credit card processing fee, REPAY takes care of the additional cost. You will not be charged for any transaction fees as part of this functionality. 

If the vendor accepts the virtual credit card but imposes a fee, will REPAY inform us, or will they opt for check payment without notification?

If the vendor's processing fees are too high, REPAY will not enroll them in Virtual Card, and will attempt to pay them via ACH or Check. There are no fees associated with those payment methods. REPAY will never charge you for any processing fees when paying vendors via Virtual Card.



How can vendors select their preferred payment method? 

Vendors can select their preferred payment method during the enrollment process. REPAY's Operation team will assist vendors in enrolling and managing their preferred payment methods.


What is the process for vendors who choose the Virtual Credit Card (vCard) option?

If a vendor chooses the vCard option, REPAY will obtain a remittance email address or specific payment instructions for online, IVR, or phone payments. Vendors will receive a remittance email with payment details, including applicable invoices and the amount being paid.


What is the process for vendors who choose the ACH (Automated Clearing House) option? 

For vendors opting for ACH payments, REPAY will send them an ACH Authorization Agreement form through DocuSign. Vendors need to complete the form and attach the required proof of banking. After enrollment, vendors will receive a payment remittance showing the applicable invoices and amounts being paid.


What is the process for vendors who choose the Checks option? 

Vendors who prefer receiving payments via checks will have them mailed through USPS. If a vendor provides a remittance email address, they will also be notified when a check has been issued, along with the applicable invoices and amounts being paid.


If a vendor doesn’t reply with a chosen method of payment does REPAY cut a check?  If yes, how long do they wait before sending it? 

They cut a check after 2 days of attempting to reach a vendor. The check is technically cut on the 3rd business day after submitting a payment usually. 


What happens if a vendor has not received their payment or believes their check is lost in the mail?

In such cases, REPAY's Operations team will directly reach out to the vendor to resolve the issue. Vendors can also proactively contact the REPAY Operations team for assistance by calling 801-679-6044 or emailing


How does REPAY handle outstanding payments for vendors using the vCard option? 

REPAY's Operations team will contact vendors using the vCard option 7 days after payment if there are any outstanding transactions.


How does REPAY handle outstanding payments for vendors using the Checks option? 

REPAY's Operations team will contact vendors using the Checks option 30 days after payment if there are any outstanding issues.


Is there any specific process for outstanding payments related to ACH payments? 

No, the outstanding payment process does not apply to ACH payments since bank transfers occur at the time of issuance


How do you manage changes to the vendor remit to address? 
Remittance details are transmitted to the vendor through email, facilitating ACH or Virtual Card Payments. Ensuring the accuracy and currency of your vendor information in Inn-Flow is considered a best practice. REPAY relies on this contact data both to communicate with vendors and to provide remittance information. During payment discussions, REPAY additionally cross-verifies vendor information to maintain current and reliable records. 


Processing Payments

What does the vendor receive in terms of remittance details? 

Upon receipt, they will be sent an email containing a document detailing the hotel such as the hotel/address as the payer, the recipient's information (vendor name/address), Invoice Number(s), payment amount, chosen payment method, and the Account Number specified in the selected Vendor Contract within Inn-Flow. This comprehensive information empowers vendors to accurately allocate payments to the designated invoice or specific account. 


Can you provide more details on the approval process to compare to our current process outlined below?  

  • Within Inn-Flow, you can customize invoice approval rules via the Invoice Approval Settings page. Within the Invoice Approval Settings page, you can have multiple approvals/types. One of those could be the “Standard” approval which is system generated. This could be for your GM to approve the details. 
  • Additionally, you can set up two other approval rules using the 'Amount' type with a threshold of one penny. Assign each owner's user role as the Primary Approver for their respective rule. This enables owners to view a filtered list of pending approvals. Once all approvals are in place, the invoice will be sent to the Payments page, allowing owners to submit payments via ePay.  
  • We're available to guide you through this setup process for your comfort. If needed, we can explore alternative options as well. 

How is the vendor enrollment process executed?   What tasks do you complete, what tasks must the accounting team complete, and what tasks might require participation from the properties?

Upon approval of a batch, which occurs automatically at 4 pm EST each day, an ACH withdrawal from your operating account is initiated. These funds are then transmitted to a designated intermediary account associated with each of your accounts held by our partner. During the clearing period, our partner engages with each vendor to determine their preferred payment method, which may include Virtual Card (for same-day payments), ACH, or Paper Check. Once the funds have successfully cleared, REPAY will execute the payment to the vendor according to their chosen payment method. Your team will not be required to participate in the onboarding process. In Inn-Flow, your responsibility is solely to ensure that your vendor contact information is kept current. Additionally, our partner will have access to the invoice images to verify the accuracy of the contact information.


What does executing a pay run look like?  What are the steps? 

On our payments page, you'll find a list of invoices you've designated for payment via ePay. Choose the invoices you wish to pay and click the "Pay" button. On the next screen, you can pick the operating account configured for ePay transactions. After clicking "Submit," a 2-Factor authentication message will be sent to you. Upon completion, the payments will be submitted to REPAY. All payments submitted before 4 PM EST each day will be part of the batch, automatically approved at 4 PM. If any invoices marked as "Processing" need to be removed from the batch due to an error, this can be done before 4 PM.


What is the timeline for funding a payment? 

Each batch requires 2 business days for funding. Throughout this period, our partner is in the process of enrolling new vendors. Payments are dispatched once the funds successfully clear in the intermediary account. Vendor Credit Card (VCC) payments can be applied by a vendor on the same day they receive payment. ACH transactions typically take 1-3 business days from the initiation of payment. In the case of paper checks sent via mail, the delivery time to reach a vendor can extend up to 7 business days, following USPS guidelines.


How are unclaimed VCC payments managed, especially in cases where vendors refuse or request a check instead? 

If any Virtual Credit Card (VCC) payments remain unused after a 7-day period, REPAY initiates contact with the vendors to investigate the reason for their non-utilization. In cases where the vendor prefers a check instead, they can nullify the VCC and opt for a check payment, sparing you the need to intervene.


What is the process for the property to recover the funds necessary for issuing a check, and what is the expected timeline for this procedure?

In the event of circumstances requiring a refund to your company, such as a business closure or prolonged vendor unresponsiveness leading to unresolved payments, REPAY will issue a refund to your operating account and promptly notify you via email. Within Inn-Flow, you can seamlessly reconcile this refund by adding a corresponding deposit and coding it to the same Chart of Accounts (COA) used for the original payment, ensuring a balanced transaction.


How do you manage "positive pay"? 

If Positive Pay is implemented, you'll need to include REPAY in your approved vendor list with your bank. REPAY also employs Positive Pay, as checks are issued and processed from their bank account. By approving REPAY as a vendor through your bank, you can streamline the process and eliminate the need to address this with each check run.


How do I setup ePay in Inn-Flow?

Please click the link for how to set up ePay:

How long it takes for Inn-Flow page to update from Processing to the ePay status? 

Takes up to 48 hours for the status to update.


What type of reports are available on ePay in Inn-Flow?
In our application, vendors who receive payments via check from REPAY can access and view the check number. Additionally, they have the option to download the check image for verification purposes. The statuses in Inn-Flow clearly indicate the current stage of the payment process.


Future updates: We will be introducing a new report that provides a comprehensive list of all ePay payments, including their respective statuses and the dates corresponding to each stage of the payment process. This report serves as a useful tool for creating a documented trail, particularly when it's necessary to provide a detailed record for any vendor ePay payment.


How do we do reconciliations?

When you pair ePay with our Bank Sync/Reconciliation Automation, it will make reconciling super easy. For each day, you will only have 1 ePay batch to reconcile against which will match exactly to the ACH withdrawal from your operating account. Within the Bank Sync page, we will automatically find/match the bank transaction to the ePay batch, so that you can perform a one-click reconciliation of each batch.

How do I know the status of a payment?

There are multiple statuses that a payment will go through on the Payment page:

  1. Processing – The payment status means the payment has been submitted, but money has not yet been withdrawn from your operating account. 

  1. There is a triple dot menu option called ‘Cancel Payment’ which will remove the payment from the batch. It will then go back to the ePay tab in the ‘Unpaid’ section of the page. 

  1. Paid-Funded – This means that the funds have been withdrawn from your operating account, and payment is being prepared to send to your vendor. 

  1. You are no longer able to cancel the payment once it reaches this status.

  1. It is considered ‘Paid’ in Inn-Flow at this point, since money has been withdrawn from your account. 

  1. Paid-Sent – This means that the payment has been sent to the vendor, whether that be a Virtual Card, ACH, or a paper check. 

How can I find ePay payments?

Once the invoice(s) is in the ‘Paid-Funded’ status, that batch will show on your register as an ePay Batch.

You will have 1 ePay batch per day (all invoices submitted prior to 4:00 PM EST each day)This amount will match the ACH withdrawal from your operating account for easy reconciliation. 

You can expand the row in the register page to see each vendor and invoice that was paid and the corresponding amounts.

How do you remove cancelled, refunded or voided payments from the Processing Page?

When you cancel an ePay payment after it has been funded or if the payment is refunded/voided after it has been funded it will remain in the Processing page in Inn-Flow. After the funds are returned to your account you will need to contact support and ask them to remove it out of Processing.  We will mark it as Paid.

When the funds are deposited into your account, enter the deposit to the same chart of account this invoice was coded to.

Then, in Accounts Payable, re-enter the invoice if you need to pay it another way. If you do not need to pay this, you do not need to complete this step.


What can we do to prevent issues around processing payments?

Ensure that you have the correct contact information in your vendor records. These same issues can occur when printing and mailing checks yourselves.


What can REPAY do to prevent sending the check to the incorrect address?

This happens when Vendor address information was incorrect within Inn-Flow or on the invoice image, causing a check to be sent to the incorrect address.  Clients must make sure the vendor information is correct.


What if the check is lost in the mail?

REPAY is able to reissue a check or work with the vendor to pay them electronically to prevent this going forward.


Who will the check come to if it returned for a bad address?

It will go to the client.


Do you take e-mails and calls from vendors who are having technical issues around processing payments?  

If a vendor reaches out to you asking about payment, you will be able to redirect them to REPAY’s support team to assist so that your team does not need to be involved. All remittance information sent to the vendor also has REPAY’s contact information in case they have questions. 


How do I contact REPAY directly?

Phone Number 801-679-6044 or Email