Housekeeping Approvals shows how many days have not been updated to reflect actual rooms cleaned per housekeeper. 


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To complete, click on the Day to open the dropdown that shows the housekeepers on the schedule for that day. You can either enter the number of rooms cleaned per service level (departure, stay over, denied, etc.). 


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It will calculate the Total Assigned on the right along with the Total Budgeted Time per the rooms cleaned. Click Continue once all rooms have been entered. 


If any discrepancies appear, for Rooms Cleaned vs. Rooms Occupied, a Difference will appear. Below, the Total Rooms Occupied is 29, but Total Denied and Total Cleaned only equal 16 rooms, leaving a difference of 13 rooms. You can either hit Back to update the prior page or click Add Explanation if needed.


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Next will show the Employees that were Over Budget. You must add an explanation for anyone over budget.


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Once all areas have been updated, the day will automatically be approved.