Daily GM Approvals & Daily Labor Approvals show how many prior days are still pending. Approving a day means you lock down all shifts – that day is final. All days of a single pay cycle must be approved before you can export that payroll.




There are two items that must be reviewed to Approve the day - Auto Punch Outs and Over Budget Departments. 

To review a day, click the Review button to expand. 


To complete the first step, Auto Punch-Outs, you'll need to edit the Actual Out time, enter an explanation, then Approve.




Next, you will need to review the departments that are Over Budget or Under Budget, and provide a Note as to the reason for each departments overage. Then, approve and continue to the next step.


The Housekeeping step should be completed via the Housekeeping page. Click here for more information on Housekeeping Approvals. These metrics are provided within the Daily Approval for visibility and no action is needed on this step.


Labor Mgmt: Daily Approvals now have Departmental and GM Approvals.

In Labor Overview, you will now see two tabs, one for Daily Labor Approval and one for Daily GM Approvals. 

If only the GM approves the hours per department per day, you only need to click on the Daily GM Approvals. The Daily Labor Approvals is meant to be used for managers per department that are approving their specific departments. You can use the Alert Preference Settings to adjust the Daily Labor Approvals alert, if needed. 

The Daily Labor Approval is the same Days to Approve that used to appear, showing APOs and Over & Under Budget by Department.

The Daily GM Approval combines the Daily GM Approvals (APO, Over and Under Budget Departments), with Housekeeping metrics and a final Review page. 

The Departments tab has more metric comparisons - Hours, Wages, CPOR, Occupied Rooms and Occupancy %.

The Housekeeping tab reflects the information completed from the Housekeeping Approvals card on the Labor Overview tab. These metrics are provided for visibility and no action is needed on this step. 

The tab for Review is the final step of the Daily GM Check In. This will show how you've been trending in the first box. The second box shows Today's Totals, and the last one show Week to Date. Under each section is a text box for explanations for over budget for the day as well as how this will be improved for the week.

Click Submit Check In once all explanations have been entered.