You can make the changes for deposits from Accounting / Settings / Daily Activity Setup. From this page, you can choose which bank account receives which deposit type.

The change will take effect on the date you change it. For example, if you make the change on January 15th, and daily activity entered after that time will automatically be routed to the new account.

IF PRO TIP: Do NOT change the Start Date shown on this page. This is the Daily Activity "Go Live" date. Changing this date can throw off key financials like the Balance Sheet and Trial Balance. 


IF PRO TIP: Updating the account from the Daily Activity Setup page does not move the prior transactions to the new account. In order to make retroactive changes, go into Daily Activity Entry and change the Date to the retroactive day. Click in the Payments section, then select Save & Close on the top right. As long as the Accounting Period is open, and the deposits have not been reconciled, those affected deposit types will be routed to the new account. You can go into each day that needs to be changed, select the Payment section, then Save & Close for each day needing to be updated.