This guide includes the following topics:


  • Overview
  • Ledger Activity
  • Deposit Audit
  • Forward Variance Calculations
  • Source of Segmentation
  • Night Audit Checklist



Daily Activity Setup page is configured by Inn-Flow during your account setup.  This page, along with the PMS Mapping page are used create a Daily Activity Entry page that mirrors the function of your hotel’s PMS (Property Management System).   

Ledger Activity


The Ledger Activity section of Daily Activity Entry is utilized to track the net change and balances in the hotel ledger accounts; specifically, Guest Ledger, City Ledger/Direct Bill, and Advanced Deposits. The opening balances that appear here are entered and edited from the Opening Balances page Accounting>Administration>Chart of Accounts>Opening Balances.


Deposit Audit


The purpose of the Deposit Audit section of Daily Activity Entry is to reconcile the Actual Deposits Captured to the PMS Total. 


The function Copy Payment Amounts to Deposit Audit Actuals will automatically copy the amounts entered in the Payment section of the Daily Activity Entry page to the Deposit Audit section. To turn this feature on or off, select or deselect the check box shown below. 



Each deposit type that is used by the hotel will have an active check box to the left of the deposit name.  The bank account listed to the right of the deposit name is the account that these funds will be deposited into daily.  When the Manager Approval is completed on the Daily Activity Entry page, all deposit amounts will automatically appear in the general ledger of the bank account that is selected here.


This section was configured by Inn-Flow Implementation Engineers and it’s recommended that you do not make changes to this section without consulting Inn-Flow Customer Support.   


Deposit Audit COA’s


By default, any adjustments made in the Deposit Audit section of Daily Activity Entry will be applied to your default Revenue Adjustment COA.  Use the deposit audit COA’s feature to assign other COA’s that you would like used for deposit audit revenue adjustments.  


  • Go to Accounting>Daily Activity>Daily Activity Setup>Deposit Audit COA’s
  • Select +COA


Macintosh HD:Users:johnerhart:Desktop:DAS deposit audit 1.png


  • Select the Deposit Type


Macintosh HD:Users:johnerhart:Desktop:DAS deposit audit 2.png


  • Select the COA.   If the COA is nonexistent, you will need to go to Accounting>Administration>Chart of Accounts to create a new one.


Macintosh HD:Users:johnerhart:Desktop:DAS deposit audit 3.png


  • Once saved, the COA will appear in the list of Deposit Audit COA’s. 


Macintosh HD:Users:johnerhart:Desktop:DAS deposit audit 4.png


You will now find this COA as an option on the Daily Activity Entry page, Deposit Audit section for Other Credit Cards.  For more information, go to the user guide Accounting>Daily Activity>Daily Activity Entry.


Macintosh HD:Users:johnerhart:Desktop:DAS deposit audit 6.png

Forward Variance Calculation


All PMS’s handle complementary items differently.  This setting allows Inn-Flow to adjust comp items to match the way your PMS is using them in calculations.  


This setting was configured by Inn-Flow Implementation Engineers, and it’s recommended that you do not make changes to this setting without consulting Inn-Flow Customer Support.   


Source of Segmentation


If this check box is selected, the Segmentation section will appear in Daily Activity Entry. This will require you to enter the revenue and rooms rented subtotals for each day by rate code. Having this feature activated is recommended and will allow you to use the Operating Metrics reports. It will also allow the comparison between actual revenue and rooms rented data to bookings data from the Sales module.  


This setting was configured by Inn-Flow Implementation Engineers, and it’s recommended that you do not make changes to this setting without consulting Inn-Flow Customer Support.   


Night Audit Checklist


The Night Audit Checklist is a tool developed to assist the Night Auditor with ensuring all required tasks related to the completion of Daily Activity Entry are complete. You can change the Night Audit Checklist for each hotel from this section.  


Delete/Rename:  To Delete or Rename an existing item in the list, select the item, then edit on the pop-up window and save or delete.


+ Task:  To add a new task, select the Task button and complete the required information in the pop-up window.


Change Order:  To reorder the existing checklist items, select the arrows on the right end of the grid to move a row up or down.