In Accounting 1.0, there was an option for Upload Invoice Only where one document could be uploaded and directed, with comments, to a user or a specific role permission.

This function has changed in Accounting 2.0 as more options are now available. 

To upload invoices:

1. You can email them to the email address found on the top right of your Invoice Inbox page. This is property specific, as each entity has their own email address.

2. If you have the invoices saved on your computer, you can either "drag and drop" them into the middle section of the Invoice Inbox, or you can click within the box to open a window to browse available files on your computer.

IF PRO TIP: You can save invoices together in one single file. For example, if you have 10 invoices, scan all of them together and either email them using the email address noted above, or by uploading directly into Inn-Flow. Note: If using Inn-Flow's Accounting Services, please have the chart of account and any other important information written on the invoice backup.

If you need to notify someone, or make a comment directly to a person:

1. Once the invoices are uploaded into Inn-Flow, click on an image and update the Vendor Name. 

2. Once this is complete, scroll to the bottom of the page to find a comments section. You can type in @ and the user's name to find the user to make a comment to.

3. The user notified will receive an email notification with this comment.