The Deposits Audit section of Daily Activity Entry is designed to capture variances between the PMS’s payments and the ACTUAL payments when extracted from the hotel’s safe (or for credit cards - when balanced against the payroll processor's activity. This is usually completed by the hotel’s accountant) 


Unresolved Issues is an optional layer of bank deposit confirmation/internal communication beyond the “Deposits Audit”. feature. 


  1. One way to use this feature is to communicate between shifts (Night Auditor to Manager or next shift...etc.) regarding issues found within PMS reports or data entry for any day. 

  • To begin communication on an issue, click into the Unresolved Issues button, then click + Issue. 

  • Then, fill out the information on the issue and save. Once an issue has been discussed and completed, you can check the Resolved and Verified boxes to resolve. 


2. Another way to use this feature is to mark all Cash & Check deposits as 'resolved' once they've been taken to the bank. This will place a "Deposit Received by: <user, date, time>" stamp on the main Daily Activity page for that day. This extra verification aids the person who reconciles this bank account with knowing when the money was deposited. Once that person reviews the bank statement and sees it matches the 'Deposit Verification', they may march that entry as "Verified" in Unresolved Issues.


Additionally, Unresolved Issues will reflect the results of what's been entered or automatically copied over from Deposits audit for Cash & Checks only. 

Note: Unresolved Issues is an optional feature that will not negatively affect the balancing/reporting of any Daily Activity date if not used.