The Night Audit Checklist is a tool to assist the Night Auditor to ensure all required tasks related to the completion of the Daily Activity Entry are complete. You can change the night audit checklist using the following steps:


  1. Navigate to Accounting / Daily Activity Setup / Night Audit Checklist section at the bottom
  2. Select the current Night Audit Checklist or select Add New
  3. Delete/Rename: To Delete or Rename an existing item in the list, select the item, then edit on the pop-up window and save or delete. 
  4. + Task: To add a new task, select the +Task button and complete the required information in the pop-up window
  5. Change Order: To reorder the existing checklist items, select the arrows on the right side of the grid to move a row up or down 




How to access and complete the Night Audit Checklist:


  1. Select the Accounting module / Daily Activity / Daily Activity Entry
  2. From the drop down menu, select the property E/HID
  3. Select the appropriate Date
  4. The Night Audit Checklist tab will be red until the checklist is complete
  5. Select the Night Audit Checklist tab



  1. The Night Audit Checklist screen will open
  2. The Night Auditor should select the box next to each task as it is complete
  3. To add an Unresolved Issue, select + Issue and follow the steps in the user guide section titled Daily Activity Entry, Unresolved Issues
  4. Once the checklist is complete select the Save & Close