ePay is the ability to process payments from Inn-Flow electronically at no additional cost.

Once all documentation is complete and you have been approved for ePay, you can follow the below steps to pay vendors and invoices electronically. 

To sign up for ePay, reach out to Support@Inn-Flow.com for additional information.


You can setup vendors' default payment type to ePay if you want this to be selected by default when entering new invoices. To do this in bulk, from the Vendors page, select the checkbox next to Name to Select All. 

Once done, at the bottom of the page, you can select Change Payment Method to change multiple vendors in bulk. Select ePay then Save the changes.

Invoice Inbox


When adding a new invoice, the Payment Type (next to the vendor name) is selected based on the Vendor's default payment method. Update this to ePay if you wish to pay it electronically. 


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Enter the invoice and Send to Approval. The invoice review and approval process is the same as any other invoice.


All invoices that were marked as ePay will show on the Payments page, under the ePay tab

Select the invoices that you wish to pay and click on the ‘Pay’ button. 

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Next, you will be able to review each of the invoices you are about to submit via ePay. 

  1. If you made a mistake and need to remove an invoice, use the triple dot menu and select Delete to remove it from the batch.

  1. Once you are ready to submit the payments, select Submit Payments.

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Choose your 2-Factor Authentication Method, and enter the code that you receive.

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Once an ePay payment has been submitted, you will notice a Processing section as shown below. Each invoice will be shown here along with details and status of the payment. 

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There are multiple statuses that a payment will go through on this page:

  1. Processing – The payment status means the payment has been submitted, but money has not yet been withdrawn from your operating account. 

  1. There is a triple dot menu option called ‘Cancel Payment’ which will remove the payment from the batch. It will then go back to the ePay tab in the ‘Unpaid’ section of the page. 

  1. Paid-Funded – This means that the funds have been withdrawn from your operating account, and payment is being prepared to send to your vendor. 

  1. You are no longer able to cancel the payment once it reaches this status.

  1. It is considered ‘Paid’ in Inn-Flow at this point, since money has been withdrawn from your account. 

  1. Paid-Sent – This means that the payment has been sent to the vendor, whether that be a Virtual Card, ACH, or a paper check. 


Once the invoice(s) is in the ‘Paid-Funded’ status, that batch will show on your register as an ePay Batch.

You will have 1 ePay batch per day (all invoices submitted prior to 4:00 PM EST each day)This amount will match the ACH withdrawal from your operating account for easy reconciliation. 

You can expand the row in the register page to see each vendor and invoice that was paid and the corresponding amounts.