Employees are able to Request Time Off and View all pending, approved and denied PTO Requests. 

To view your current PTO balances:

When logged into Inn-Flow.net, click your username on the bottom left of the page and select My PTO.

This will take you to the My Time Off page that shows all Time Off Policies, your anniversary, current and pending time off balances. 

You can expand each of the Request types: Pending Approval, Approved Future, Denied Requests, and/or Time Off History.

To submit a PTO Request: 

Click the Request Time Off button on the top right of the page.

Then, select the PTO Type, add a Reason, and add the Dates & Times needed.

You can use the + sign to the right of the times to copy and add the next day to this request. This is best utilized when asking off for multiple days.

When PTO Requests are updated by the manager, the user will be notified via email or text message of the status of the PTO request.

Email example:

Text message: