Setup Accounts

To set up a bank account to use Bank Sync, go to Accounting > Accounts and click on the Bank Sync Connections on the top right of the page.

You will then see a list of all of the Bank Institution Names like Chase, Truist, etc.

Click on the Connect button of the Bank Name you'd like connect to:

Name This Connection: If you use the same login credentials for all accounts, only one connection is needed. If you have multiple usernames that are used for multiple accounts, each set of credentials should have its own connection.

For example, if you have 1 login for Hotel Group A, you'd setup a Connection called "Hotel Group A" using those credentials (username & password). Then setup another group for the next set.

Enter a Connection Name then click on Next.

This will list all of the available Inn-Flow bank accounts available to link. Select one or more, then click Next. You'll then be taken to Plaid to complete the next step.

Then select the Bank Institution from the available options through Plaid. 

Then enter your credentials to the bank site.

Verify your bank account answers that the bank requires. Then you can select the bank account(s) available to link from the Bank Site. Select the terms & conditions to continue to the next step.

You'll receive a Success confirmation once this has been linked:

Then you'll see where you have your available Bank Accounts from Plaid next to your Inn-Flow Bank Accounts to finish the linking & setup:

It will then pull the last 30-days worth of data. If you do not need this much transactions, you can go to the Bank Sync page, select the extra transactions, and select Exclude to remove them from the imported transaction list.

Follow the same steps per set of bank credentials per bank site. 

The Bank Sync will start to work immediately. It can take a few minutes for these to fully import depending on the number of transactions.