Inn-Flow uses Plaid, the number one bank integration partner, to verify bank accounts and import bank balances and transactions. 

The benefit of using Bank Sync with Inn-Flow's Advanced Accounting module are having all of your bank balances and transactions show in a single platform, Inn-Flow. Instead of having to log into each of your banks separately to pull activity, it can be pulled using our Bank Sync functionality. 

Step 1 is to Connect your Bank. Here is an article that describes this process: Bank Sync - How to setup Bank Sync?

Once your bank connection is set up, the Bank Sync page will display the Bank Account Balance at the top of the page, and the transactions that have been synced from the bank will show in a list below.

Note: Synced Accounts are updated daily to display the account balance, new transactions, and will include a timestamp of the last updated time. 

To locate a specific bank transaction, use the Filter box to search by Date, Amount, or Description.

Bank Transactions are displayed by Date, with a Description*, Type (Deposit, Withdrawal, or Check #), and Amount. If an Inn-Flow Matched Entry is found, it will be displayed in green, in the Matched Entry column.

*Note: The Bank Sync description is determined by your bank and Plaid, and Inn-Flow is unable to make changes to the description internally. 

Each transaction can be opened, or expanded. Click the arrow to the left of the transaction, or Review to expand the transaction, and you will then see the three options: Review, Find, and Add.

  • The Review option will display any Inn-Flow transactions that match. Review these transactions and select the correct one, then click Confirm. If a bank transaction has an exact Inn-Flow matched entry, you can click Confirm without expanding the row. Confirming a match will reconcile the entry at the same time.

  • The Find Option will allow you to search Inn-Flow transactions that may not have produced an automatic match. 

Use the drop-down menus beside the Search box to expand or narrow your search by date, or dollar amount. 


Once the correct Inn-Flow transaction has been located, check the box beside it, and Confirm. Confirming a match will reconcile the entry at the same time.

  • The final option: Add, should be used if no Inn-Flow transaction is found, meaning this transaction has not been entered. Click on Add Transaction, and select Deposit or Withdrawal. The entry slideout will appear, and you can add the transaction directly from the Bank Sync Page! 

Once all details of the entry have been entered, click Save. Saving will record the entry, confirm the match, and reconcile the entry, all at one once. 

If a transaction has already been reconciled, or you would like to exclude the transaction, use the triple-dot menu to the right of the transaction.

You can also exclude transactions in bulk by checking the box beside multiple transactions and selecting Exclude at the bottom of the page.