To set up a Bank Account:
  1. In Accounting, select the Accounts page, then select a hotel from the top left drop down menu.
  2. You'll see a button on the top right for Add Account. 
  3. Then, select or enter the Bank Account Number.
  4. Enter a Nickname to differentiate this from other Accounts.
  5. Enter the Bank Code, Bank Name, and Bank Address.
  6. In the COA field, you can only enter a COA that has not yet been used. Please visit Accounting > Settings > Chart of Accounts to find the next available COA number in line with your other accounts. Enter this COA. 
  7. Enter the Account Name that you would like to Print on the Check. This is usually the hotel's legal name or DBA name.
  8. Select if this is considered the primary account. Each location must have one primary account. 
  9. Select the Opening Date, preferably the 1st of a month.
  10. Select Next.
  11. On the Check tab, enter the remaining details to print on the check. These details include the Routing Number, Starting Check Number, Check Series, and Account Address. 
  12. Select a Positive Pay Format if necessary. If your bank is not listed, please reach out to support to have this added. 
  13. If a digital signature should be added, please complete this process. Instructions can be found in the following article. (
  14. Save.