Below are recommendations related to check printing, including check stock and envelopes.


Purchase Check Printer and Magnetic Ink

Purchase a new or dedicate an existing printer for printing checks. Inn-Flow does not recommend using HP Office Jet printers as these printers require customized configuration to print checks properly. Inn-Flow does recommend using any other type inkjet or laser printer. Inn-Flow recommends following standard banking practices and using magnetic ink cartridges. These can be purchased from any office supply store, but the best pricing is found through online retailers.


Purchase Check Stock and Envelopes

Blank, 3-part checks. Heights of each check section are: top=4”, middle=3.5”, bottom=3.5”. There are two options:

  1. We recommend the following from Costco: 
    • Check must be on the bottom section of the check stock.
    • You cannot use pre-printed checks with Inn-Flow. All check information is printed by Inn-Flow onto blank check stock. 
  2. However, you can order from any of the 7 styles types available on Nelco’s using this link:

Here’s the path: ( > Products > Business Checks > Blank Checks > Bottom Blank Checks) - Feel free to choose the security level of your choice (there are 3 options) as long as the Check Perf Locations are 4” & 7 ½”.

3. There’s even an option on Amazon! NextSecure Blank Laser/Ink-Jet Checks, 500 Sheets Per Pack (Red-Blue Prismatic Bottom) (limited supplies)

# 8 Envelopes with double window

  1. Use this option if you plan to keep the top portion of the check.
  2. Recommended product:, reference: #8 Envelopes E9150014

#10 envelope with double window

  1. Use this option if you plan to send the entire check.
  2. Recommended product:, reference: #10 Envelopes 80750


Print a sample check for each business account. While Inn-Flow gives you the capability to print checks from any computer and printer, it’s highly recommended that you dedicate which printers and computers will be used to print checks. Printer and computer print settings, if not configured properly, can distort the image of the check when printed. Use the Print Sample Check button, located on all bank account details pages, to test a printer and a computer and confirm settings are accurate.  Print a sample check from each of the business accounts. The page size should be set to “auto” or “letter”. The scaling should be set to “none” or “100%”.  Confirm that all check details printed and are located in the proper position. Most importantly, confirm that the routing and bank numbers appear on the bottom of the check.