1. To setup a new user, once you login, select the gear icon on the left for Administration. 

2. From Administration, select Users.

3. In User Management, select Add New User on the top right of the page.

4. Enter the First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Primary Contact Method, Phone Number, and Hire Date.

The Primary Contact method is used for password resets and schedule notifications.

5. Select the Role Permission.

6. Select what Account Access the user should have.

7. In the Labor Management Settings, select which employee type they are: Hourly, Salary or Exclude From Payroll.

IF PRO TIP: If you only use the Accounting module, select the Exclude From Payroll employee type for all users.

8. Save the user profile at this point. 

9. If you're using Labor Management and/or Payroll Services, you will update the Labor Settings where the positions and pay rate is added.

10. Add any PTO Policies that are applicable to this employee. 

11. Finish remaining fields that apply.